Halloween is scary enough without potential foot problems giving you and your kids a fright, as well. To make sure your little candy-loving ghosts and goblins keep their feet safe on All Hallow’s Eve,

Make Sure Your Child’s Feet Stay Warm And Dry

There’s no doubt that your kids are going to beg and plead to wear costume-appropriate footwear during trick-or-treating, but it’s best to stay strong and convince your little ones to wear comfortable, supportive shoes while they’re collecting candy. Not only will good shoes keep their feet warm and comfy, they’re more likely to protect the feet from danger like broken glass, slippery smashed pumpkins and wet leaves. Pair the footwear with warm, wool socks if it’s a cold night and opt for waterproof shoes if it’s wet and rainy. Frostbite is more likely than a vampire bite, even on Halloween.

  • Bonus Tip: Mention how much more candy your child will be able to carry if he or she wears good shoes!


Avoid Trips And Falls By Having Kids Stick To Well Lit Areas

It might be tempting to rush across dark lawns in order to get to the front door faster, but kids shouldn’t be allowed in unlit areas that may contain holes or obstacles they can’t see. Stick to well-lit sidewalks, streets and driveways to avoid potential injuries like sprained ankles. After all, it’s supposed to trick-or-treat, not trip-or-fall.

For developing feet, an over-the-counter foot orthotic improves balance, stability, alignment, and support for pediatric flat feet.

  • Bonus Tip: Make sure your child’s costume isn’t so long that they could trip and fall over the extra material. 

Give Your Kid’s Feet An End Of Night Treat, Too

No matter how careful you might be, your child may still complain about foot pain, blisters or other injuries as Halloween night comes to a close. A nice, warm foot soak can help with general foot pain and ward off a cold, while soothing aloe vera or vitamin E applied under a bandage can help with blisters. Unfortunately, neither can cure a candy-induced tummy ache!


Source: footfiles.com