Allied OSI Labs Accepts the Following:

Most casts are stored digitally for future ordering.

NOTE: Regardless of your desired casting methodology, Allied OSI Labs recommends placing the patient in subtalar neutral position for optimal orthotic results.

Helpful Tips from your Allied OSI Client Service Team

Unfortunately, foam box casts and plaster casts may get damaged before reaching the lab. When our team receives casts that have flaws, the final custom orthotic may not be as accurate as needed for desired patient outcomes. NOTE: Foam casting is damaged more often than plaster.

Our team will evaluate your cast and contact you if they do not meet our lab standards. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your casts are just right for optimal orthotics:


  1. Do not press the foot entirely through the foam, only deep enough to capture the entire foot.
  2. Push foot 1 -1.5” evenly into the foam. An uneven weight-bearing surface or abnormal plantar contour may result in poor fit.
  3. Pink or blue foam impression mailing boxes DO NOT meet many courier shipping standards. Tape multiple foam boxes together to strengthen them OR add protection by putting them in a larger box. Be sure to fill empty spaces with packing material for enhanced cast protection.


  1. Let the casts cure for 24 hours; do not let the casts dry inside the packing box.
  2. Stuff casts with packing material (newspaper works well).
  3. Choose a box that will accommodate the size of the casts properly (not too big).
  4. Always add packing materials around the cast for more protection; do not ship without packing material in the box.
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