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While Allied OSI Labs carries a wide range of products for the lower extremity, our foundation and legacy is in custom orthotics.

With a client service team with 50+ years of combined experience, paired with the highest quality of materials, your custom orthotic lab experience will be unmatched.

    Polypropylene and polyethylene styles for patients who need moderate-to-aggressive correction for foot and gait abnormalities.

    Intermediate polypropylene styles for patients who need support, but are unable to find comfort with a rigid device.

    Polypropylene and TL Silver® styles for men and women’s dress shoes (flats and high heels).

    Polypropylene orthotics for athletes who require maximum performance during the propulsive phase of their gait. Our athletic line provides shock absorption and control while allowing some natural pronation.

    Children’s devices are used to help correct or prevent gait abnormalities for children under 10 years old.

    The accommodative custom orthotic line provides correction and control with less rigidity.

    Four styles of top-quality custom orthotics at an incredibly competitive rate of $65 (plus shipping) with many accommodations at no additional charge.

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