We are excited to announce our new tracking service: Labtrac Connect

With Labtrac Connect, you and your team will be able to:

  1. Check status of orders

  2. Submit orders for additional pairs

  3. Get tracking information

  4. Send the lab messages to make changes to an order or ask questions, and answer our questions

  5. Request supplies

  6. Receive an email alert when an order has been:

    1. Received

    2. Approved

    3. Held

    4. Complete

    5. Rejected (with the reason for rejection)

      NOTE: email alerts can be set to preferences if you do not wish to receive every type of order update.

  7. Submit photos, attach files, or videos to any order

Ready to get started with Labtrac Connect?  Use the form below and we will contact you with sign-up information!