The Foot Gym Pro is a multi-use foot strengthening and rehabilitation device incorporating 8 exercises in 1 device.

The Foot Gym Pro strengthens muscles which could lead to improved balance, structural stability and greater overall foot function. It treats Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis and foot pain. The Foot Gym Pro is also used in rehab for injury or post-surgery recovery.

5 Levels of Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are designed to range from light to firm resistance levels

Non-Slip, Antimicrobial Footpad
The comfortable padding is non-slip and angled for full dorsiflexion stretches

Massage Roller with the ORoller™ Handle
Fill the massage roller with warm water or place the roller in the freezer for soothing massage therapy and pain relief

Strength and Stability
Strengthen the often neglected muscles to lead to an improved balance

Quickly prepare to perform, play or just your average day with complete stretching exercises

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