Hammer toes is a condition where the toes are contracted, and as a result the only part of the toe that touches the ground is the distal tip. Hammer toes can be rigid or flexible.  If they are rigid there is not much that can be done correctively, except surgery. However, rigid hammer toes can be accommodated. To correct rigid hammer toes with an orthotic, use a toe crest. A toe crest is material added under the topcover just proximal to the toes. You will need a full length topcover on your device .  There is more that can be done correctively for flexible hammer toes. To accommodate flexible hammer toes with an orthotic use a meta pad, a meta raise ( raised shell), or meta bar (longer and wider). A meta pad, meta raise or meta bar will lift up behind the metaheads, which can force the toes downward and help straighten them out.

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