Poor, poor Santa, his feet are very sore, but he has a to-do list from the ceiling to the floor.

There are lists to check and gifts to wrap and visits to the mall, but if his feet are really sore he won’t be able to do things at all.

A trip to the podiatrist will surely be the  cure.  A thorough exam revels poor Santa has a heel spur.

He is a plump jolly old elf but very active in his deeds so a Balance Support from Allied Labs will fix his every need.  To ease his aching heel, correctly and quick, his doctor adds a horseshoe pad that will do the trick.

Now donned with his red suit and his hat up on top his head he can guide his sleigh and fly away while everyone sleeps in their bed.

Walking on the rooftops or sneaking across the floor, Santa is very jolly because his feet hurt no more.

He can dance away the night leaving gifts under every tree, and by mornings light he will be alright because his night was all pain free.

So, if you want a Christmas as happy as old Saint Nick, order up from Allied, our orthotics do the trick. And if you’re not sure what to ask for we have magical little elves just call up Becky and Sheila they are always here to help.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Allied OSI Labs!