1…Feet are the foundation of almost everything we do; from the time we roll out of bed in the morning to when we put our feet up for the day, they’re thanklessly working for us!

2…Your feet are complicated. Your feet work with the rest of your body to coordinate movement and allow you to live the life you love.

3…Feet are the original mode of transportation. Now, we use them to press the gas in our cars. How far they’ve taken us!

4…Your feet and their arches are the shock absorbers for your entire body…for your entire life! Think of how much weight they bear throughout the course of just a day! How could you not appreciate these important appendages?

5…Your feet are at the root of your ability to balance. Proper balance allows you to go about your daily activities without being injured. With good balance, you can move confidently through your day, whether you are going for a walk or playing with your dog.

6…Your feet connect you to your family. You know how you can have your mom’s nose or your dad’s eyes? Well, you can also have their feet! Parents pass along the traits in their feet to their children. Your mom’s high arches and your dad’s sweaty feet can be indicators of how your own feet may develop over time. It’s good to be aware of this because it can keep your feet healthy by helping you predict–and prevent–any potential foot problems. For example, if the folks in your family have plantar fasciitis, it may be beneficial for you to wear arch supports to help prevent the possibility of you also getting plantar fasciitis.

7…Your feet are the body part that’s farthest from the brain. But by doing things like jogging, hiking, and walking with them, you can improve your brain health, too. Exercise is important to comprehensive health, and feet are important to exercise.

8…Your feet help you keep it real. If you are doing something like wearing shoes that are too small or not supportive, or if you’re standing on hard surfaces all day, your feet will tell you. They’ll start to hurt! Pay attention to what they’re saying. As you know, it’s the only pair of feet you’ll ever have. Custom orthotics and supportive footwear will help keep your feet in good condition and can help address areas of concern that may already exist. You know when your feet feel good because you feel good!  

9….Your feet are as unique as you are. They have their own individual footprints, different from anyone else in the world. Appreciate your feet today and every day!

Source: mygoodfeet.com