A New Generation of Orthotics is Here.

A Durable, Light-Weight Orthotic for Optimal Athletic Performance.

The Nylon-Rx shell is a 3mm rigid black nylon composite. It is also available in 2.5mm semi-rigid black nylon composite and 2.0mm semi-flex beige nylon composite.

Standard Components
: 3mm rigid black nylon composite (also available in 2.5mm semi-rigid black nylon composite and 2.0mm semi-flex beige nylon composite)
Forefoot Post: Intrinsic
Rearfoot Post: Extrinsic white crepe
Length: Full
Padding: 1/8” Poron®
Top Cover: Vinyl
Bottom Cover: Ultrasuede®

Product Applications
Plantar Fasciitis
Heel Spurs
Ankle Instability
Shin Splints
Generalized Foot and Leg Pain

Standard Patient Weight
Patients up to 161-299 lbs

Shoe Types

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Always Custom, Never Utilizing a Library System.

While patient conditions may be similar, each foot is unique – making it imperative for every orthotic to be custom to every single patient.  This is why Allied OSI Labs never utilizes a library system (like many other labs do).

While the products that stem from some labs which use sizing libraries are considered custom, it’s fair to say that not each patient is receiving their own, unique negative cast – every time; and that the orthotics are actually semi-custom.

Unfortunately, some labs manufacture orthotics using a sizing library system without disclosing or making it clear to their clients. These semi-custom orthotics have the potential to reduce positive patient outcomes in comparison to true custom orthotics which are manufactured using a unique cast every time.

Our process results in a true custom orthotic for your patients… and your practice can always expect an average 7 day in-house turnaround time for our hand-crafted products!