Our team receives daily inquiries from patients around the U.S. looking for practices that dispense the Richie Brace®.  By keeping your AFOs in-house, we can refer those patients directly to you!

Use the form on this page to tell us your history with dispensing AFOs.  We will be in touch to provide information about how you can either start or restart your Richie Brace® program.  By offering the Richie Brace to your patients, you will not only be providing an enhanced conservative treatment modality, but you will also be increasing your practice revenue.

We understand the challenge many practices face when prescribing AFOs (from patient diagnosis and casting to dispensing and billing), which could be why you refer AFO patients out.

We have compiled and organized helpful information to assist you with selecting the best AFO fit for your patients; utilizing resources provided by both teams at Allied OSI Labs and the Richie Brace®.  Click here for our AFO Tool Kit

Use the form on this page to receive a personal consultation and more specific tools for your unique needs!

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to give you the resources you need to start (or restart) your Richie Brace® treatment protocols.